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This is Love

This album contains pictures from "This is Love", a hard-ticket special event that took place in the Magic Kingdom after closing time on February 4th, 2004.

This is Love

Title: "This is Love"
Caption: The logo for the "This is Love" event.

Title: Lady Tremaine's Banquet
Caption: The evening began with a "Wickedly Good Banquet".

Title: Big Bad Wolf
Caption: Several villains were present, including the Big Bad Wolf...

Title: Cruella De Vil
Caption: Cruella De Vil...

Title: Frollo
Caption: Frollo...

Title: Captain Hook & Mr. Smee
Caption: Captain Hook & Mr. Smee...

Title: Jafar
Caption: Jafar...

Title: Maleficent
Caption: Maleficent...

Title: Queen of Hearts
Caption: The Queen of Hearts...

Title: Ratigan
Caption: Ratigan...

Title: Lady Tremaine
Caption: ...and, of course, the banquet's hostess, Lady Tremaine.

Title: Donald Duck
Caption: Some characters came out, following CSC, including Donald...

Title: Genie
Caption: Genie...

Title: Pluto
Caption: Pluto...

Title: Suzy
Caption: Suzy...

Title: Perla
Caption: ...and Perla.

Title: Announcement
Caption: A servant announced that Cindy's glass slippers were stolen!

Title: Court Dancers, Part 1
Caption: While we the guests began our quest to solve this mystery...

Title: Court Dancers, Part 2
Caption: ...and head into Fantasyland to start enjoying the party...

Title: Court Dancers, Part 3
Caption: ...4 pairs of court dancers greeted us in the Castle breezeway.

Title: Court Dancers
Caption: These dancers led guests in some dances throughout the evening.

Title: Darci
Caption: Also present was the dancers' instructor, Darci.

Title: Peter Pan & Wendy
Caption: More characters turned out for the event, like Peter & Wendy...

Title: Alice & Mad Hatter
Caption: Alice and the Mad Hatter...

Title: Queen
Caption: The Snow Queen...

Title: Aurora & Prince Phillip
Caption: Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip...

Title: Ariel & Prince Eric
Caption: Ariel and Prince Eric...

Title: Snow White & The Prince
Caption: Snow White and her Prince...

Title: Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse
Caption: ...and Mickey and Minnie.

Title: The Finale Begins!
Caption: And now, the grand finale of this event!

Title: Musicians
Caption: These musicians underscored the onstage happenings.

Title: Musicians and Cinderella
Caption: Before the show began, Cinderella made a brief appearance.

Title: Court Dancers Show, Part 1
Caption: The court dancers came out onto the stage...

Title: Court Dancers Show, Part 2
Caption: ...to perform some dances for us.

Title: Court Dancers Show, Part 3

Title: Court Dancers Show, Part 4

Title: Court Dancers Show, Part 5

Title: Court Dancers Show, Part 6

Title: Court Dancers Show, Part 7

Title: Court Dancers Show, Part 8

Title: Court Dancers Show, Part 9

Title: Court Dancers Show, Part 10

Title: Court Dancers Show, Part 11
Caption: Let's give those wonderful dancers a big round of applause!

Title: Fairy Godmother Returns
Caption: At the show's conclusion, the Fairy Godmother returned.

Title: Another Announcement
Caption: The servant announced that it was now time to reveal the thief.

Title: Time to Reveal the Culprit!
Caption: The court dancers came out with hearts...

Title: Who Stole Those Slippers?!
Caption: ...containing the words/syllables of the thief's name.

Title: Come on! Who did it?!
Caption: After several shuffles, the syllables finally formed...

Caption: WICKED...

Title: STEP...
Caption: STEP...

Title: MOTH...
Caption: MOTH...

Title: ...ER!

Title: Cinderella Returns
Caption: Cinderella and Prince Charming came on to the stage...

Title: Suzy & Perla Return
Caption: ...and so did Suzy & Perla.

Title: The Slippers Are Missing!
Caption: The servant told Cinderella about her missing slippers.

Title: Crying Servant
Caption: The servant cried over this disastrous turn of events.

Title: Cheer Up, Servant
Caption: Cinderella told the servant that he needn't be sad...

Title: All Our Friends Are Here!
Caption: ...for all that mattered to her was that her friends were there.

Title: Lady Tremaine Arrested!
Caption: The guards brought in Lady Tremaine!

Title: The Shoe Fits!
Caption: Prince Charming put the slippers on Cinderella's feet.

Title: Fairy Godmother and Soldiers
Caption: The Fairy Godmother decided to end the evening...

Title: Finale Fireworks
Caption: ...by having some fireworks go off in the sky.

Title: To the Carriage...
Caption: Cinderella and co. made their way down to the pumpkin carriage.

Title: Carriage Ponies
Caption: A herd of small white ponies pulled the carriage.

Title: Carriage Coachman
Caption: The coachman was ready to drive the carriage down Main Street.

Title: Goodnight from Cinderella
Caption: Cinderella & Prince Charming waved goodnight to the guests.

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