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Jungle Cruise

This album contains photos from the Magic Kingdom attraction, "Jungle Cruise".

Jungle Cruise

Title: Jungle Cruise Entrance
Caption: The entrance to the world-famous "Jungle Cruise".

Title: Jungle Cruise FastPass Machines

Title: Jungle Cruise Warning Sign

Title: Orangutan Cage
Caption: An orangutan has escaped from its cage!

Title: Missing Board
Caption: The following people and boats have gone missing...

Title: Live Cargo Holding Area

Title: Office

Title: Employee of the Month
Caption: The Employee of the Month is E.L. O'Fevre!

Title: Attention Skippers!

Title: Free Kittens to a Good Home...

Title: Crew Mess Lunch Menu

Title: A Tarantula!

Title: Jungle Cruise Safety Sign

Title: Shack
Caption: This little shack sits across from the loading dock.

Title: Skipper
Caption: The Jungle Cruise boats are piloted by wisecracking skippers.

Title: A Butterfly!
Caption: Look! A butterfly! A "plasticus mechanicus"!

Title: Another Butterfly!
Caption: Their wingspans can grow from 12 inches to a whopping 1 foot!

Title: Inspiration Falls
Caption: Inspiration Falls inspires us to go deeper into the jungle.

Title: A Pygmy Camp
Caption: Look! A quiet pygmy camp!

Title: A Giant Python!
Caption: This python is so friendly, he could develop a "crush" on you.

Title: Gorillas Breaking Camp
Caption: Instead of breaking camp, those gorillas broke everything!

Title: Turned Over Jeep
Caption: Those gorillas really got that jeep to "turn over".

Title: An African Bull Elephant
Caption: Look out! It's an African bull elephant!

Title: African Veldt, Part 1
Caption: Giraffes, gnus, antelopes and zebras populate this region.

Title: African Veldt, Part 2
Caption: Lions surround a zebra as vultures await their share.

Title: Native Uprising!
Caption: That rhino really has that safari "up a tree"!

Title: Native Uprising, Part 2!
Caption: Those men will eventually "get the point".

Title: Crocodiles
Caption: Keep your hands in the boat. They always look for "hand-outs".

Title: Schweitzer Falls
Caption: Up ahead is Schweitzer Falls, named after Dr. Albert Falls.

Title: A Plane Crash!
Caption: Uh oh! It looks like a plane has crashed!

Title: Hippo Attack!
Caption: We're now in a pool filled with dangerous hippos!

Title: More Hippos!
Caption: They're big and curious and could easily upset the boat!

Title: Yet Another Hippo!
Caption: They're not dangerous until they wiggle their ears.

Title: Another Hippo!
Caption: The hippos prompt our skipper to fire his/her gun.

Title: Dancing Headhunters
Caption: We're now entering Headhunter Country.

Title: Headhunter Drummers

Title: Backside of Water
Caption: Here's a special treat: the backside of water!

Title: Cambodian Ruins
Caption: Up ahead are the ruins of an ancient Cambodian shrine.

Title: A Tiger!
Caption: Inside the shrine, we meet a fierce tiger!

Title: Temple Idol & Snakes
Caption: An army of snakes guard a monkey idol in the temple.

Title: Monkeys & Treasures
Caption: Further on in the temple, we see monkeys with some treasure.

Title: Elephants & Crocodile
Caption: We're now out of the ruins...

Title: Elephants Bathing
Caption: ...and in an elephant bathing pool.

Title: More Elephants Bathing
Caption: It's okay to take pictures. They're all wearing their trunks.

Title: Another Bathing Elephant

Title: Elephant Shower
Caption: An elephant showers himself in a waterfall.

Title: Elephant Squirting
Caption: Seems this elephant wants to give US a shower!

Title: Squirting Elephant #2
Caption: Look's like we've got a little elephant squeezeplay here!

Title: Jungle Cruise Plants
Caption: Our skipper takes time to "point out" his/her favorite plants.

Title: Chief Nami
Caption: As our cruise ends, we meet "head" salesman Chief Nami.

Title: Cargo

Title: Unload Dock, Part 1
Caption: And now, the most dangerous part of the journey...

Title: Unload Dock, Part 2
Caption: ...the return to civilization!

Title: Exit Sign

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