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This album contains photos from the Disney-MGM Studios nighttime spectacular, "Fantasmic!".


Title: Fantasmic! Showtimes
Caption: Fantasmic! will be performed at 7:00PM tonight!

Title: Hollywood Hills Entrance
Caption: The entrance to the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater.

Title: Mickey!
Caption: Mickey shoots some fireworks out of his fingers!

Title: Land Claiming
Caption: Governor Ratcliffe establishes Jamestown.

Title: Governor Ratcliffe
Caption: "Dig! Dig! Dig!"

Title: Armed Settlers
Caption: The settlers and indians engage in a battle.

Title: John Smith
Caption: "Look! It's John Smith!"

Title: Belle & The Beast
Caption: "Tale as old as time, true as it can be..."

Title: Ariel & Prince Eric
Caption: "What would I give if I could live out of these waters..."

Title: The Queen!
Caption: The Queen creates a magic spell to turn into the witch...

Title: The Witch!
Caption: ...and sets out to turn Mickey's dream into a nightmare!

Title: Jafar Snake!
Caption: Jafar has transformed into a giant snake!

Title: Maleficent Dragon!
Caption: Maleficent has transformed into a fire-breathing dragon!

Title: River On Fire!
Caption: YIKES! Maleficent just set the river ablaze!

Title: Steamboat Willie Riverboat
Caption: Here comes the Steamboat Willie riverboat!

Title: Steamboat Willie Boat, Part 2
Caption: The characters onboard celebrate Mickey's triumph over evil...

Title: Donald and Minnie
Caption: ...including Donald and Minnie.

Title: Steamboat Mickey
Caption: Mickey, in his Steamboat Willie form, waves to the crowd...

Title: Steamboat Mickey, Again
Caption: ...as he steers the steamboat around the island.

Title: Fountains and Pyrotechnics
Caption: As the boat sails away, more fountains and pyrotechnics appear.

Title: Sorcerer Mickey
Caption: Sorcerer Mickey reappers on the island to close the show.

Title: Fantasmic Island
Caption: The island that the show takes place on.

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