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Alien Encounter

This album contains photos from the now-extinct Magic Kingdom attraction, "The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter". It opened in 1994 and closed for good in 2003 to make way for "Stitch's Great Escape".

Alien Encounter

Title: XS Tech Shield #1
Caption: A shield promoting XS Tech.

Title: Warning Sign

Title: XS Tech Shield #2
Caption: Another XS shield that guests saw before going into...

Title: Convention Center Sign
Caption: ...the Tomorrowland Interplanetary Convention Center.

Title: Seize the Future
Caption: This showed planets that were using XS Tech's technologies.

Title: Chairman Clench
Caption: XS Tech Chairman L.C. Clench spoke during the pre-show film.

Title: New Product Demonstration
Caption: Guests passed under this while entering the demonstration area.

Title: XS Teleportation
Caption: Guests would pass this picture as they exited the attraction.

Title: "What a Way to Go!"
Caption: The last thing guests would see before exiting.

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