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Celebrate Mickey-75 InspEARation

This album contains photos of the Mickey Mouse statues that were created for the "Celebrate Mickey: 75 InspEARations" promotion during Mickey Mouse's 75th birthday in 2003. They were on display outside the entrance to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom (as seen in this album) before they went on tour to other locations throughout the country and eventually being auctioned off to make money for charities a couple of years later. Each of these Mickey statues was designed by a different celebrity, company or organization.

Celebrate Mickey-75 InspEARation

Title: Field Mouse
Caption: Field Mouse by Brian Matson.

Title: Tune In
Caption: Tune In by Anthony Rietta, Radio Disney.

Title: Funny Bones
Caption: Funny Bones by James Gandolfini.

Title: Slapstick Mouse
Caption: Slapstick Mouse by Jerry Bruckheimer.

Title: True Blue
Caption: True Blue by Marlee Matlin.

Title: Big City Mouse
Caption: Big City Mouse by Kelly Ripa.

Title: Super Fan Mickey
Caption: Super Fan Mickey by Regis Philbin.

Title: Mickey Reigns
Caption: Mickey Reigns by Anita Hurst.

Title: TRON Mickey
Caption: TRON Mickey by Syd Mead.

Title: Circle Vision
Caption: Circle Vision by Luis Fernandez.

Title: Tuxedo
Caption: Tuxedo by Lenox.

Title: National Pastime Mickey
Caption: National Pastime Mickey by Major League Baseball.

Title: Lone Star
Caption: Lone Star by Kermit Eisenhut.

Title: Mickey in the Park
Caption: Mickey in the Park by Black Entertainment Television.

Title: Reflections on Mickey...
Caption: ...by the Disneyland Resort Entertainment Dept.

Title: Mickey and the Nightingale
Caption: Mickey and the Nightingale by Ming-Na.

Title: Patchwork Pal
Caption: Patchwork Pal by Thomas Knechtel.

Title: IceskatEAR
Caption: IceskatEAR by Paul Wylie.

Title: Mickey's Shadow...
Caption: ...by Trey Hoyumpa for Parsons School of Design.

Title: I'm Going to Disney World...
Caption: ...by Cody Reynolds, Walt Disney World.

Title: FrontEAR Tales
Caption: FrontEAR Tales by Fess Parker.

Title: Fountain of Fun
Caption: Fountain of Fun by Christina Grantham.

Title: Wonderful World of Mickey
Caption: Wonderful World of Mickey by Kathryn E. Morgan.

Title: Jet Setter
Caption: Jet Setter by John Travolta.

Title: Mickey on the Move...
Caption: ...by Malcolm Stone, Suddath Transportation.

Title: Mouseskateer
Caption: Mouseskateer by Tony Hawk.

Title: Big Cheese Mickey
Caption: Big Cheese Mickey by Jeff Spohn, Otis College.

Title: Funny Pages
Caption: Funny Pages by Lori Tyminski, Disney Publishing.

Title: Mickey's Dream...
Caption: ...by Peter Ellenshaw & Harrison Ellenshaw.

Title: ESPN Sports Center Mickey...
Caption: ...by Linda Cohn, Dan Patrick & Robin Roberts.

Title: Mickey Celebrated Our Freedom
Caption: Mickey Celebrated Our Freedom by Paul Wenzel.

Title: Ellenland
Caption: Ellenland by Ellen DeGeneres.

Title: Clouded Conscience
Caption: Clouded Conscience by Raven.

Title: All Aboard!
Caption: All Aboard! by Ollie Johnston.

Title: It Was All Started By a Mouse...
Caption: ...by Vanessa Hunt, The Disney Store.

Title: Delivery Man Mickey...
Caption: ...by Kelly Kozel & Sharon Noh, The Coca-Cola Company.

Title: Crazy Style Mickey
Caption: Crazy Style Mickey by MEAR ONE.

Title: I Speak for Mickey...
Caption: ...and Mickey Speaks for Me by Wayne Allwine & Russi Taylor.

Title: ESPN 25th Anniversary Mickey
Caption: ESPN 25th Anniversary Mickey by Chris Berman & Dick Vitale.

Title: You Can Do It
Caption: You Can Do It by Elva Salinas, The Home Depot.

Title: Mickey: In Yellow
Caption: Mickey: In Yellow by Rosie O'Donnell.

Title: Filmic Mickey
Caption: Filmic Mickey by Katenah Vahdani, CAL Arts.

Title: Chocolate Mouse
Caption: Chocolate Mouse by Randi S. Johnson.

Title: Undersea Mickey
Caption: Undersea Mickey by Wyland.

Title: El Mickey
Caption: El Mickey by Lamberto Alvarez.

Title: Love All
Caption: Love All by Andre Agassi.

Title: Home Run Hero
Caption: Home Run Hero by Ben Affleck.

Title: Viva Mickey
Caption: Viva Mickey by Luis Armand Garcia for George Lopez.

Title: Music Mouse
Caption: Music Mouse by Brian McKnight.

Title: Extended Play
Caption: Extended Play by Wayne Brady.

Title: The Original Mouse Pad
Caption: The Original Mouse Pad by Jamie Lee Curtis.

Title: Monday Night Mickey
Caption: Monday Night Mickey by Al Michael & John Madden.

Title: Flying Colors #3
Caption: Flying Colors #3 by Dave Willardson.

Title: Family Tree
Caption: Family Tree by Jeff Conine.

Title: Mousetaccioli
Caption: Mousetaccioli by Doris Roberts.

Title: Fruits of the Mouse
Caption: Fruits of the Mouse by Andreas Deja.

Title: Mambo Mickey
Caption: Mambo Mickey by Andy Garcia.

Title: Dunk Mouse
Caption: Dunk Mouse by Shaquille O'Neal.

Title: Believe in Your Dreams
Caption: Believe in Your Dreams by Kevin Garnett.

Title: Space Mouse
Caption: Space Mouse by Tom Hanks.

Title: Rockin' Mickey
Caption: Rockin' Mickey by Mario Vaiana.

Title: Ready for Action
Caption: Ready for Action by Christy Carlson Romano.

Title: Mickey Through the Years...
Caption: ...by Tuck Morgan, Disney Consumer Products.

Title: Memories
Caption: Memories by Dennis Larkins, Kodak.

Title: Base Mouse
Caption: Base Mouse by Gary Baseman.

Title: Back to School
Caption: Back to School by Al Konetzni.

Title: Music Royalty
Caption: Music Royalty by Sir Elton John.

Title: Lobsta Mickey
Caption: Lobsta Mickey by Breanna Rowlette.

Title: Mickey's Nation 1928
Caption: Mickey's Nation 1928 by Janet Jackson.

Title: Always My Angel, Mickey
Caption: Always My Angel, Mickey by Annette Funicello.

Title: Wild for Mickey
Caption: Wild for Mickey by Star Jones.

Title: Peace & Love
Caption: Peace & Love by Michelle Kwan.

Title: Good Catch
Caption: Good Catch by Bob Guiney.

Title: UndercovEAR Mickey
Caption: UndercovEAR Mickey by Jennifer Garner.

Title: All the World's His Stage
Caption: All the World's His Stage by Susan Lucci.

Title: Let's Party
Caption: Let's Party by Chris Fedun for Jump 5.

Title: Saxophonic Mickey
Caption: Saxophonic Mickey by Dave Koz.

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