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It's a Small World

This album contains pictures from the Magic Kingdom attraction "It's a Small World".

It's a Small World

Title: IaSW Sign

Title: IaSW Exterior

Title: Warning Sign

Title: Wait Time Sign

Title: IaSW Load Area, Part 1
Caption: The load/unload area, complete with a ticking clock tower...

Title: IaSW Load Area, Part 2
Caption: ...and stylized renditions of famous world landmarks.

Title: IaSW Load Area, Part 3

Title: IaSW Load Area, Part 4

Title: IaSW Load Area, Part 5

Title: IaSW Load Area, Part 6

Title: IaSW Load Area, Part 7

Title: IaSW Load Area, Part 8

Title: IaSW Load Area, Part 9

Title: IaSW Load Area, Part 10

Title: IaSW Load Area, Part 11

Title: IaSW Load Area, Part 12

Title: IaSW Load, Part 13

Title: IaSW Load Area, Part 14

Title: IaSW Load Area, Part 15

Title: Clock Face
Caption: The smiling face on the clock tower.

Title: 11:45!
Caption: The clock tower performs the time every 15 minutes!

Title: Clock Tower Soldiers

Title: Restricted Area

Title: Wheelchair Sign
Caption: This sign points the way to the wheelchair entrance.

Title: Load Gate

Title: Safety Sign

Title: Welcome
Caption: "Welcome to the Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed."

Title: Scandinavia, Part 1
Caption: Our voyage begins in Western Europe...

Title: Scandinavia, Part 2
Caption: ...where we sail past Scandinavia.

Title: Scandinavia, Part 3

Title: Aerialist
Caption: An aerialist cycles on a tightrope above us.

Title: Toy Soldiers
Caption: A squad of Danish toy soldiers strikes up the band.

Title: France, Part 1
Caption: In France, some can-can girls dance around the Eifel Tower.

Title: France, Part 2

Title: France, Part 3

Title: Balloon Flyers, Part 1
Caption: Balloon Flyers swoop and soar above the Eifel Tower.

Title: Balloon Flyers, Part 2

Title: British Kids on Moon
Caption: 3 British kids sing to us atop a moon.

Title: Beefeater
Caption: A beefeater stands guard.

Title: Chess Pieces
Caption: Oversized Chess pieces whirl and twirl.

Title: London Bridge
Caption: We glide past London Bridge.

Title: Scotland
Caption: In Scotland, a young bagpiper plays for us.

Title: Ireland
Caption: The children of Ireland and the wee folk serenade us.

Title: German Band
Caption: A German band wishes us "continued good journey".

Title: German Boat

Title: Belgium and Holland
Caption: A Belgin girl and geese and two Dutch kids join in.

Title: Dutch Sun

Title: Spain, Part 1
Caption: In Spain, Don Quixote jousts with a windmill...

Title: Spain, Part 2
Caption: ...while a boy and girl play and dance.

Title: Italy, Part 1
Caption: Next, the children of Italy sing to us.

Title: Italy, Part 2

Title: Switzerland
Caption: A Swiss yodeler and bell ringers join in.

Title: Mountain Goats
Caption: As we leave Western Europe, we see a pair of mountain goats.

Title: Greece
Caption: Upon approaching Eastern Europe, a Greek shepherd plays for us.

Title: Russia
Caption: The children of Russia play and dance.

Title: Israeli Kids
Caption: We see 2 Israeli kids as we start up the Middle East.

Title: Middle Eastern Band #1
Caption: A Middle Eastern band appears.

Title: Flying Carpets
Caption: Magic flying carpets swoop and soar overhead.

Title: Bali
Caption: Balinese dancers and musicians...and one Bengal tiger.

Title: India
Caption: Next, India comes into view.

Title: Middle East Band #2
Caption: Another Middle Eastern band plays for us.

Title: China
Caption: We now approach China...

Title: Japan, Part 1
Caption: ...followed by Japan.

Title: Japan, Part 2

Title: Japan, Part 3
Caption: 2 Japanese kids bow goodbye as we leave Asia.

Title: Africa, Part 1
Caption: Egypt comes into view as we move on to Africa.

Title: Africa, Part 2
Caption: We sail past 5 tambourine-playing dancers and Cleopatra.

Title: Africa, Part 3
Caption: 3 frogs delight us.

Title: Africa, Part 4
Caption: 3 young African natives sing to us.

Title: Africa, Part 5
Caption: An African hut.

Title: Africa, Part 6
Caption: Take a look at these African plants.

Title: Africa, Part 7
Caption: A hippo, a lion and some African musicians and princesses play.

Title: Africa, Part 8
Caption: 2 hyenas, a zebra, a rhino and a monkey join in.

Title: Africa, Part 9
Caption: Carefree monkeys swing from the vines above us.

Title: Africa, Part 10
Caption: Leaving Africa, we see giraffes, an elephant and more musicians.

Title: Antarctica
Caption: In Antarctica, playful penguins clown around for us.

Title: Andes Mountains
Caption: Now, onto Latin America, beginning with the Andes mountains.

Title: Chilean Boy and Animals
Caption: A guitar-playing Chilean boy and his 3 animal companions.

Title: Latin Marketplace, Part 1
Caption: We glide past a Mexican marketplace.

Title: Latin Marketplace, Part 2

Title: Latin Marketplace, Part 3

Title: Latin Marketplace, Part 4

Title: Latin Marketplace, Part 5

Title: Latin Marketplace, Part 6
Caption: Some straw horsemen reside on an arched bridge.

Title: Latin Object Balloons
Caption: Oversized balloons of various Latin objects float above us.

Title: Rio De Janiero
Caption: Some Brazilian kids dance to the rhythm of a samba band.

Title: Central America
Caption: Some Central American kids and musicians play under a Mayan sun.

Title: Latin Rainforest, Part 1
Caption: Next, we travel through the South American rainforests.

Title: Latin Rainforest, Part 2

Title: Latin Rainforest, Part 3

Title: Latin Rainforest, Part 4

Title: Latin Rainforest, Part 5

Title: Latin Rainforest, Part 6

Title: Latin Rainforest, Part 7

Title: Hula Girls
Caption: 3 hula girls appear as we arrive in the South Pacific.

Title: Platypus Trio
Caption: A platypus trio joins in the fun.

Title: Harp Birds
Caption: We also pass 4 birds with harp-like tail feathers.

Title: Hawaiian Girl
Caption: This Hawaiian girl smiles as we pass by.

Title: Island Dancers & Waterfall
Caption: 3 hawaiian boys dance beside a waterfall.

Title: Island Native & Sun
Caption: An island native sails under an island sun.

Title: Polynesian Dancers
Caption: 5 hip-twitching Polynesian dancers entertain us.

Title: Hawaiian Band
Caption: A masked Hawaiian native band plays for us.

Title: Island Butterflies
Caption: These giant butterflies soar above the islands.

Title: Surfer
Caption: A young surfer hangs ten.

Title: Kangaroo & Joey
Caption: A mother kangaroo and her little Joey.

Title: Tiki Statue
Caption: This giant stone statue towers over the islands.

Title: Koalas, Dingo & Native
Caption: 3 koala bears, an Austalian native and a dingo.

Title: Flying Fish
Caption: Look! It's a flying fish!

Title: Native & Kiwi Birds
Caption: An island native and two kiwi birds.

Title: Hawaiian Hut
Caption: We sail under this hut as we leave the South Pacific.

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 1
Caption: As our voyage comes to an end...

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 2
Caption: ...boundaries dissolve as scores of the world's children...

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 3
Caption: ...who we've just visited in their homelands...

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 4
Caption: ...assemble to sing us a friendly farewell.

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 5

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 6

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 7

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 8

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 9

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 10

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 11

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 12

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 13

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 14

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 15

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 16

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 17

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 18

Title: IaSW Finale, Part 19

Title: Goodbyes, Part 1
Caption: Before returning to the load/unload area...

Title: Goodbyes, Part 2
Caption: ...we pass signs saying "Goodbye" in different languages.

Title: Goodbyes, Part 3

Title: Goodbyes, Part 4

Title: Exit Only Sign

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