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Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

This album contains images of the Disney-MGM Studios attraction, "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror".

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Title: The Hollywood Tower Hotel
Caption: The Hollywood Tower Hotel, the home of the Tower of Terror.

Title: Valet Parking

Title: Tower of Terror Sign

Title: KEEP OUT!

Title: Warning Sign

Title: 1917 A.D.
Caption: The year that The Hollywood Tower Hotel was established.

Title: Established 1917

Title: Lobby, Part 1

Title: Lobby, Part 2

Title: Boiler Room, Part 1
Caption: After leaving the library...

Title: Boiler Room, Part 2
Caption: ...we enter the hotel's boiler room...

Title: Boiler Room, Part 3
Caption: ...where we board our elevator vehicles.

Title: First Stop
Caption: A view down the hallway of our first stop.

Title: Fountain

Title: Sunset Room
Caption: The entrance to the Sunset Room.

Title: Photo Pick-Up, Part 1
Caption: Here's the area where you can buy your drop photos.

Title: Photo Pick-Up, Part 2

Title: Gift Shop Entrance
Caption: The entrance to the "Tower Hotel Gifts" shop.

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