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Splash Mountain (WDW)

This album contains images from the Magic Kingdom attraction, "Splash Mountain".

Splash Mountain (WDW)

Title: Splash Mountain
Caption: There it is: Chick-A-Pin Hill, a.k.a. Splash Mountain.

Title: Warning Sign

Title: Brer Statues

Title: FastPass Machine

Caption: Numerous critter houses and posters can be spotted in the queue.

Title: Brer Fox: Wanted Poster

Title: Brer Bear: Wanted Poster

Title: The Swamp Boys Poster

Title: Splash Mountain Sign

Title: Warning Sign, #2

Caption: Farm-related items decorate Splash's barn-like queue area.

Title: No Food, Drinks or Smoking

Title: You May Get Wet

Title: Warning Sign, #3

Title: Brer Frog's Cave, Part 1

Title: Brer Frog's Cave, Part 2

Title: Brer Rabbit Portrait
Caption: "Brer Rabbit: Lookin' for Adventure"

Title: Brer Goose Portrait

Title: Brer Fox Portrait
Caption: "Brer Fox: Lookin' for Trouble"

Title: Brer Bear Portrait
Caption: "Brer Bear: Just Lookin'"

Title: "The Briar Patch" Portrait

Title: "Chick-A-Pin Hill" Portrait

Title: "The Fishing Place" Portrait

Title: Barrel & Pick-Axe

Title: Last Chance to Exit

Title: Warning Sign, #4

Caption: Now, some shots of the load/unload area.

Title: Brer Rabbit Weather Vane

Title: You May Get Wet, #2

Title: Load Area Marker

Title: Load Gate

Title: Log Brer Rabbit
Caption: This Brer Rabbit statue appears on the front of each log.

Title: Safety Sign

Title: First Turn
Caption: We make this turn after we leave the station.

Title: Safety Sign #2

Title: Remain Seated At All Times

Title: Keep Hands & Arms Inside

Title: First Climb

Title: Brer Frog
Caption: Brer Frog speaks to us as we travel up the first climb.

Title: Briar Patch
Caption: We circle the briar patch that we'll be plunging into later on.

Title: Second Climb, Part 1
Caption: The second climb, housed in the mill.

Title: Second Climb, Part 2

Title: Welcome!

Title: Critter Elixir

Title: Garden

Title: Signs
Caption: Signs pointing to several Splash Mountain locales.

Title: Laundry

Title: Muskrat Moonshine

Title: Tree Trunk & Jug

Title: Treehouses
Caption: We pass a tree holding several small critter houses.

Title: Another Small Critter House

Title: Frontierland View
Caption: Ah, what a lovely view of Frontierland from up here.

Title: Brer Rabbit Cave Entrance

Title: Brer Bear's Cave

Title: Bridge

Title: Slippin' Falls
Caption: Here comes our first drop: Slippin' Falls!

Title: Hive
Caption: We pass under this hive as we enter the first show scenes.

Title: No Fishin'!

Title: Goose & Frogs
Caption: Next, we see a goose fishing, plus 3 frogs.

Title: More Fishing Geese
Caption: 3 more fishing geese.

Title: Goose on Bridge
Caption: Another fishing goose resides on a nearby bridge.

Title: Brer Worm
Caption: Brer Worm hangs onto the bridge goose's fishing hook.

Title: Brer Fox & Brer Bear
Caption: Brer Fox: "Now's our chance to set a trap for Brer Rabbit!"

Title: Brer Rabbit's Briar Patch
Caption: Looks like Brer Rabbit's leaving home to look for adventure.

Title: Porcupine & Raccoon
Caption: A porcupine and raccoon make some music.

Title: Bunnies
Caption: 2 young bunnies doing chores.

Title: Get Down!
Caption: Brer Fox yells at Brer Bear to get out of their rabbit trap.

Title: Hopping Away
Caption: Brer Rabbit actually hops away here!

Title: Small Boat

Title: Brer Frog & Brer Gator
Caption: Brer Frog & Brer Gator fishing and relaxing.

Title: Picnic Basket & Fishing Supplies

Caption: More small critter houses come into view.

Title: Brer Roadrunner
Caption: Brer Roadrunner asks to come along for the ride.

Title: Upside-Down Possums
Caption: 3 upside-down possums join in.

Title: Mine Closed

Title: Flume & Sign
Caption: We pass a flume and a sign pointing to the Laughin' Place.

Title: Ladder, Signs & House
Caption: We pass a ladder, more signs and Porky Pine's house.

Title: Brer Beaver's House

Title: To the Laughin' Place
Caption: These words point to the entrance to the Laughin' Place.

Title: Looking In
Caption: Brer Fox helps Brer Bear peek into the Laughin' Place.

Title: Hiding
Caption: Brer Rabbit tries to hide as we enter the dark tunnel ahead.

Title: Laughin' Place
Caption: After a drop in the dark, we plunge into the Laughin' Place.

Title: Brer Bear with hive
Caption: Brer Bear is getting hives.

Title: About to Get Caught
Caption: Oh no! Brer Fox is about to capture Brer Rabbit!

Title: Frog & Turtle #1
Caption: After going down a third drop...

Title: Frog & Turtle #2
Caption: ...we see some frogs and turtles laughing and playing.

Caption: We also pass a lot of cargo and geysers in the Laughin' Place.

Title: Weasels & TNT
Caption: Several weasels pop out of some of the geysers.

Title: Upside-Down Weasel
Caption: One last weasel pops out of an upside-down hole.

Title: Warnings, Part 1
Caption: We pass several warning signs as we leave the Laughin' Place.

Title: Warnings, Part 2

Title: Captured
Caption: Oh no! Brer Fox caught Brer Rabbit!

Title: Brer Fox's Lair Sign
Caption: A sign pointing the way to Brer Fox's lair.

Title: Vultures
Caption: 2 vultures taunt us about looking for a laughing place.

Title: Final Climb
Caption: The climb to the final 5-story plunge down Chick-A-Pin Hill.

Title: Brer Fox's Lair
Caption: Brer Rabbit: "Please don't fling me in that briar patch!"

Title: Run-Out
Caption: After the final plunge, we float through a run-out-like canal.

Title: Run-Out Tunnel
Caption: A tunnel we pass through shortly after the final drop.

Title: Waterfall
Caption: We pass this waterfall while floating through the runout.

Title: Path to Finale
Caption: We will soon be entering the attraction's final scene.

Title: Welcome Home, Brer Rabbit
Caption: We're entering into a "Welcome Home, Brer Rabbit" party.

Title: The Swamp Boys
Caption: These 3 crocodiles are among those to welcome Brer Rabbit home.

Title: Zip-A-Dee-Lady
Caption: Up ahead is the rocking Zip-A-Dee-Lady riverboat.

Title: Brer Frog & Brer Turkey
Caption: Brer Frog and Brer Turkey join in.

Title: Boat Rental
Caption: A boat rental house.

Title: Stuck in Briars
Caption: Brer Fox & Bear struggle with the briar patch and Brer Gator.

Title: Home Again
Caption: Brer Rabbit, back home at his briar patch with Mr. Bluebird.

Title: "It's the Truth, It's Actual"

Title: "Everything is Satisfactual"

Title: "It's a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Day"

Title: Exit This Way

Title: Cast Members Only, #1

Title: Cast Members Only, #2

Title: Photos Available...
Caption: Photos taken at the final drop can be purchased.

Title: Fireplace
Caption: A fireplace in the exit area.

Title: Exit Only, Please

Title: Photo Preview Area
Caption: Here's where guests can preview their drop photos.

Title: Moving & Storage Company

Title: General Store, Provisions

Title: King Carrots

Title: Mugg & Bean Coffee

Title: Hercules Oats

Title: Laughin' Place Playground Sign

Title: Laughin' Place Playground
Caption: A playground for guests who aren't tall enough to ride.

Title: Splash Mountain at Night

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