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It's a Small World Removed Items

This album contains photos of "It's a Small World" items and things that were removed or altered during the attraction's major rehab in 2004/2005.

It's a Small World Removed Items

Title: IaSW's Original Load/Unload Area

Title: Control Tower
Caption: The original control tower.

Title: Safety Sign

Title: Welcome Sign
Caption: "Welcome to the Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed"

Title: Spanish Boys
Caption: The dancing Spanish boy was replaced by a dancing Spanish girl.

Title: Japanese Boy
Caption: 2 Japanese boys bowed in Asia, now it's a boy and a girl.

Title: Kangaroo (Original Version)
Caption: The kangaroo once had a flowered quilt-like body.

Title: Balloon Clowns
Caption: One of these clowns used to be sad. Now, they're both happy.

Title: Sa What Dee Krahp
Caption: This was chaned to "Sawaddee".

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