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Carousel of Progress

This album contains photos from the Magic Kingdom attraction, "Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress".

Carousel of Progress

Title: CoP Exterior, Part 1

Title: CoP Exterior, Part II

Caption: Act 1 takes place during Valentine's Day in the early 1900s.

Caption: Sarah and a little girl in Act 1.

Caption: Jimmy in Act 1.

Caption: Grandma and her pet parrot in Act 1.

Caption: Patricia in Act 1.

Caption: One of the robins in Act 1.

Caption: Act 2 takes place during the 4th of July in the 1920s.

Caption: Sarah in Act 2.

Caption: Jimmy and Grandpa in Act 2.

Caption: Patricia in Act 2.

Caption: Uncle Orville in Act 2.

Caption: Act 3 takes place during Halloween in the 1940s.

Caption: Grandpa and Grandma in Act 3.

Caption: Jimmy in Act 3.

Caption: Patricia in Act 3.

Caption: Sarah in Act 3.

Caption: Act 4 takes place during Christmas in the present times.

Caption: Sarah in Act 4.

Caption: Grandpa and Patricia in Act 4.

Caption: Grandma playing a virtual reality game in Act 4.

Caption: Some shots of the video game Grandma plays in Act 4.

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