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Snow White's Adventures (WDW)

This album contains photos from the Magic Kingdom attraction "Snow White's Scary Adventures".

Snow White's Adventures (WDW)

Title: Entrance

Title: Warning Sign

Title: Waiting Time Sign

Title: Smaller Guests Enter First

Title: Load Number

Title: Control Booth

Title: Safety Sign

Title: Castle Courtyard and Well
Caption: We start the ride by circling around the wishing well.

Title: Snow White on Stairs
Caption: Snow White sings while the Evil Queen looks on.

Title: Castle Doors
Caption: We're about to enter the Evil Queen's castle.

Title: Magic Mirror
Caption: Magic Mirror: "Alas, Snow White is the fairest one of all."

Title: Throne Room
Caption: Queen: "Never! "HA, HA, HA, HA, HA..."

Title: It's the Witch!
Caption: The Queen turns around, revealing herself to be the Witch!

Title: Castle Dungeon

Title: The Witch's Spell Book

Title: Witch at the Cauldron
Caption: The Witch prepares a poisoned apple for Snow White.

Title: Huntsman
Caption: Huntsman: "Quick, Princess! Run away and never come back!"

Title: Snow White in Forest
Caption: We catch a glimpse of Snow White fleeing into the dark forest.

Title: Dark Forest
Caption: The rest of the frigtening forest awaits us.

Title: Witch in Boat
Caption: Witch: "I'll find Snow White in the cottage of the 7 Dwarfs."

Title: Log Crocs
Caption: We see floating logs that look like crocodiles.

Caption: We pass some scary trees as we continue through the dark forest.

Title: Forest
Caption: From the frigtening forest to the friendly forest.

Title: Dwarfs Cottage
Caption: We're about to enter the Seven Dwarfs' Cottage.

Title: The Seven Dwarfs
Caption: Entering the cottage, we see the Seven Dwarfs making music.

Title: Forest Animals & Sink
Caption: Snow White's animal friends look horrified!

Title: Rabbit & Turtle
Caption: A turtle and rabbit stand on the cottage staircase.

Title: Cottage Table
Caption: A table in the cottage.

Title: Snow White & Witch
Caption: The Witch offers the poisoned apple to Snow White!

Title: Cottage Back Door
Caption: The back door of the Dwarfs' Cottage.

Title: Vultures
Caption: The vultures look down on us after we leave the Cottage.

Title: Witch at Mountains
Caption: Doc: "It's the Wicked Queen! Come on, men!" Witch: "NO!"

Title: Mine Sign & Cart
Caption: This is the way to the Dwarfs' Mine.

Title: Mine Entrance
Caption: The entrance to the Dwarfs' Mine.

Title: Jewel Cart

Title: Sneezy
Caption: Sneezy: "She went...ACHOO...that way!"

Title: Bashful
Caption: Bashful: "She's getting away! Hurry!"

Title: Dopey & Happy
Caption: Leaving the Mine, the Dwarfs chase the Witch up a mountain.

Title: Grumpy, Sleepy & Doc
Caption: Doc: "She's up on the cliff! Let's go!"

Title: Witch on Cliff
Caption: The Witch tries to crush the Dwarfs, but soon meets her demise.

Title: Love's First Kiss
Caption: The Prince awakens Snow White with love's first kiss.

Title: Bye!
Caption: The Dwarfs wave goodbye to Snow White and her Prince.

Title: Goodbye
Caption: Snow White and her Prince wave goodbye to the Dwarfs.

Title: Goodbye, Dopey
Caption: Dopey waves goodbye to us as we head out to the unload area.

Title: Exit Gate

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