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Many Adventures of Pooh

This album contains photos from the Magic Kingdom attraction, "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh".

Many Adventures of Pooh

Title: Entrance Sign

Title: Tigger Shield

Title: Warning Sign

Caption: Gigantic storybook pages are scattered all over the queue area!

Title: Giant Books!
Caption: It's a gigantic row of books!

Title: Control Area
Caption: This control area is made of books.

Title: Cast Members Only

Title: Load Number

Title: Load Gate

Title: Vehicle Back
Caption: The backside of one of the Hunny pot vehicles.

Title: Safety Sign

Title: Our Story Begins...

Title: Into the Book
Caption: We magically enter the Hundred Acre Wood via a storybook page.

Title: Gopher and Page
Caption: Gopher says "Happy Winds-Day" as winds blow a page's words off.

Title: Piglet
Caption: The winds blow poor Piglet around and around.

Title: Pooh & Eeyore
Caption: Pooh tries to get into the honey tree as Eeyore looks on.

Title: Rabbit's Garden
Caption: Rabbit, Kanga & Roo fight the wind in Rabbit's garden.

Title: Owl's Tree Trunk
Caption: We're about to enter Owl's fallen house.

Title: Owl's Front Door
Caption: The front door of Owl's is straight ahead.

Title: Tribute to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Caption: A tribute to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride: a picture of Owl with Toad.

Caption: Owl's house is cluttered with furniture, household items...

Caption: and portraits of his friends and relatives.

Title: Another Mr. Toad Tribute!
Caption: Here's another Mr. Toad tribute: a picture of Pooh with Moley.

Title: Owl
Caption: Owl tells stories about his family as we pass under him.

Title: Tigger!
Caption: Tigger: "Come bounce with me!" Our car then begins to bounce!

Title: Tigger Again!
Caption: Tigger: "Bouncin' makes 'ya feel just great! Doesn't it?"

Title: Tigger Yet Again!
Caption: Tigger: "Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!"

Title: Tigger's Tail
Caption: Tigger: "Follow me! Right this way."

Title: Upside-Down Tigger
Caption: Tigger: "Whew! I almost bounced right out of the ride!"

Title: Tigger and Pooh
Caption: Tigger: "Watch out for Heffalumps & Woozles. They steal honey."

Title: Storm Page
Caption: Lightning flashes as Pooh tries to protect his honey.

Title: Enterting Pooh's House
Caption: We enter Pooh's house as he falls asleep and begins to dream.

Title: Sleeping Pooh
Caption: Tigger's Voice: "Heffalumps and Woozles steal honey. Beware..."

Title: Floating Pooh
Caption: Pooh floats by as we enter his dream of Heffalumps and Woozles.

Title: Singing Honey Pots
Caption: Singing honey pots warn of the heffalumps and woozles.

Title: Two Woozles

Title: Jack-in-the-box Woozles
Caption: Gigantic jack-in-the-box woozles tower over us!

Title: "Hunney" Boxes

Title: A Woozle
Caption: This woozle suddenyl pops out of a box!

Title: Woozle & Heffalump Cannon
Caption: A woozle prepares to fire a heffalump cannon.

Title: A Smoke Ring!
Caption: The heffalump cannon blows smoke rings!

Title: A Giant Heffalump
Caption: Here's a gigantic yo-yo twirling heffalump.

Title: Woozle & Heffalump Duo
Caption: This woozle and heffalump duo constantly change their patterns.

Title: Another Heffalump

Title: Heffalump, Balloon & Honey
Caption: We pass a harp-playing heffalump, a balloon and more honey.

Title: Heffalump Balloon
Caption: We feel a gust of wind as we pass under this balloon.

Title: Waterpots
Caption: 2 waterpots start pouring water.

Title: Rain
Caption: Rain starts pouring and lightning flashes as the dream ends.

Title: Flood Pages
Caption: We move into the Floody Place as our vehicle starts bobbing.

Title: Gopher Spitting Out Water

Title: Christopher Robin's House

Title: Eeyore, Roo & Kanga
Caption: Eeyore: "First the wind and now this."

Title: Kanga, Roo & Rabbit
Caption: Pooh's friends have formed a chain...

Title: Owl
Caption: ...to save Piglet from going over a waterfall.

Title: Tigger and Piglet
Caption: Tigger: "We'll save ya, Piglet!" Piglet: "A very big waterfall!"

Title: A Sticky Situation
Caption: Pooh took advantage of the flood to get into the honey tree.

Title: At Last, The Rain Went Away...
Caption: ...And everyone gathered together to say...

Title: Hero Party
Caption: Everyone: "Hooray!" Piglet: "Hooray for Pooh, too!"

Title: Pooh in Honey Tree
Caption: Pooh: "Start the party without me...(munch, munch, munch)"

Title: More Pages
Caption: We pass more pages as we head for the unload area.

Title: Pooh & Christopher Robin
Caption: Pooh and Christopher Robin skip away hand in hand.

Title: The End

Title: Exit Only

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