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Star Tours

This album contains photos from the Disney-MGM Studios attraction, "Star Tours".

Star Tours

Title: Exterior
Caption: An AT-AT walker and an Ewok tree village welcome us.

Title: Warning Sign #1

Title: FastPass Machine

Title: Warning Sign #2

Title: Director Chairs
Caption: Director chairs for C3PO and R2D2.

Title: Hot Set

Caption: Ads for various Star Tours destinations appear on this screen.

Caption: C3PO & R2D2 repair a Star-Speeder.

Title: Control Room
Caption: Two aliens watch C3PO and R2D2 from a control room.

Title: Sector 2
Caption: Leaving the Star Speeder repair area, we enter Sector 2.

Title: Little Robot

Title: Mouse Droid
Caption: This little mouse droid scurries around Sector 2.

Title: 1618
Caption: 1618 is hard at work.

Title: G29T
Caption: G29T, a chatty worker droid, talks to us while fixing a robot.

Caption: Lots of broken droids and droid parts fill this area.

Caption: Note the Kermit the Frog-like robot on the right.

Title: Parts Baskets
Caption: Many baskets filled with spare parts move around above us.

Title: More Parts Baskets

Title: Droidnostics Center

Title: G24T
Caption: G24T, another chatty worker droid, talks to us as we move on.

Title: Robotic Birds
Caption: We pass under these two robotic birds as we leave Sector 2.

Title: Star Speeder 3000 Diagrams

Title: Loading Concourse
Caption: We've arrived at the loading concourse.

Title: Warning Sign #3

Title: Loading Concourse
Caption: We move down the loading concourse to our assigned gate.

Title: Waiting to Board
Caption: We're now waiting to board our Star Speeder 3000 vehicle.

Title: Now Boarding!
Caption: We're now boarding our Star Speeder for our flight to Endor.

Title: Star Tours Poster
Caption: Posters promoting various Star Tours destinations line the exit.

Title: Exit Only

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