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Muppet-Vision 3D

This album contains photos from the Disney-MGM Studios attraction, "Muppet-Vision 3D".

Muppet-Vision 3D

Title: Entrance

Title: Stroller Parking Sign

Title: Stroller Parking Area

Title: Fountain, Part 1
Caption: This fountain stands outside the attraction's entrance.

Title: Fountain, Part 2

Title: Wait Time Sign

Title: Security Desk

Caption: The key really is under the mat!

Caption: Several Muppet portraits and doors line the lobby corridor.

Caption: Don't forget to take a pair of 3D glasses.

Caption: Lots of humorous props and stuff fill the pre-show area.

Caption: A picture of the Jim Henson Muppet!

Caption: A fish in a cage?!

Caption: Butterflies in a cage?!

Caption: 2D Fruities! Get it?

Caption: The stuff in this corner belongs to the Electric Mayhem band.

Caption: The logo for the Electric Mayhem.

Caption: "The Sleeping Zootsy".

Caption: Here's the spaceship Swinetrek from "Pigs in Space".

Caption: Now, here's some shots from the hilarious pre-show film!

Title: Theater Door
Caption: One of the doors leading into the main theater.

Caption: The following red lights are above the main theater's doors.

Title: The Main Show Theater
Caption: It looks like the Muppet Theater from "The Muppet Show"!

Caption: Note the Fozzie-ized comedy/tragedy masks.

Title: Statler & Waldorf
Caption: Statler & Waldorf heckle the Muppet cast from their balcony.

Title: Projector, Part 1
Caption: At the back of the theater is the "Yell & Howl" Projector...

Title: Projector, Part 2
Caption: ...which is being run by the Swedish Chef!

Title: Bean Bunny
Caption: Bean Bunny appears in the other balcony midway through the show.

Caption: The following 5 posters line the theater's exit passage.

Title: Return 3D Glasses Here

Title: Glasses Return Bin

Title: Restricted Entry

Title: Do Not Enter!

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